I believe teachers need to be paid as professionals so that we attract the best and retain the most experienced educators. All our children would benefit from smaller classroom sizes, so that teachers are in a better position to handle individual needs. Special education in particular needs a huge boost of support: we need to increase training and awareness of special needs and ensure that our county schools have the resources and support to be inclusive of a diversity of needs. Schools can be the hub of support for families, offering wrap around services and programs that meet their special needs.


We need to carefully manage changes in our use of rural areas, in order to protect our food supply and way of life. By the same token, green spaces and parks need to be distributed more evenly, and in particular, our denser areas should be given priority in developing outdoor recreational opportunities. I would also like to see an increase in the walkability of our neighborhoods and greater access by public transit from residential to commercial areas. In general, county government needs to do a better job of being transparent and alerting citizens, so that the public can have input at each step of the approval process.

Ethical Government

Our government should operate for the benefit of all the people in our community. I am committed to ensuring that public servants are beholden solely to the voters, and not big money donors. At the local level, I would like to see Harford County be among the pioneers in instituting a public financing option. We can also encourage and work with state officials to institute statewide reforms to our electoral system, including open primaries, ranked choice voting and public election funds for all elected offices. I personally have pledged to be a small money campaign according to the guidelines put out by Represent Maryland, a grassroots, all volunteer group of concerned Marylanders who are building a cross partisan network of anti corruption voters across the state to get big money out of politics.